The Picture Department at Bang are here to support you throughout the life of your project. From pre-production planning to final delivery we have the expertise to advise you on all aspects of post production. By removing the stress from your workflows and providing bespoke, tailored solutions to suit your budget and filming environment, we ensure everything moves smoothly throughout the entire process. We are an approved supplier of DPP TX Master files for BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4. Our DCP cinema files have been screened in all the major cinema chains as well as independent cinemas.

Quality and craft are at the forefront of everything Bang does and the spirit of the company. The post production process can be daunting but we have everything covered. With in-house post production supervision your costs are kept under control and you have an expert on hand to guide you through.

Rushes are your most valuable resource and need expert management to avoid problems during the life of your project and into the future.

With pre-production consultation with all relevant departments, DOP, Sound Recordist, Director and Producer, a bespoke workflow is tailored to your specific needs and the equipment you are using.

On-set rushes management and dailies can be provided with feedback to the set, alongside delivery to the offline edit with syncing, project preparation and assembling as required.

Our fully supported Avid Suites run the latest software allowing full integration with other aspects of post production (Sound, Grading, VFX). We can also provide either a dedicated or a shared assistant editor depending upon the scale of your project.

Having both picture and sound under one roof enables us to highlight any sound rushes issues quickly, have access to extensive sound libraries and send trailers or other materials directly, without the need for couriers or hard drives.

All aspects of your project are fully supported and monitored by our Post Production Supervisor to help keep things on track and running smoothly.

Once your edit is locked all the materials are prepared for the finishing processes required. This includes audio and picture for the sound and music departments, materials for VFX work, pre-grade processing, and the necessary files for online finishing. Each project’s unique requirements are all handled accordingly.

Creating the final ‘look’ is done on our DaVinci Resolve, 4k realtime grading system with either our in house grader or a colourist of your choice. Whether destined for Television, Cinema or Online, we ensure finished material will look at it’s best on all platforms and pass QC. We can also work with your DOP and Camera dept at the pre-production stage to develop the ‘look’ you are hoping to achieve.

We can online the graded material at it’s native resolution giving you the greatest flexibility with your delivery requirements. Complex timeline effects are recreated during this process as well as titles and credit roller.

Once the Master Online has been reviewed by Production we then output the required versions.

Whether you need complex VFX/set extensions/clean up work or anything else, we can assemble the correct mix of talents to suit your project.

We can advise on Cinema, Television or International Distribution and deliver the master materials you need whilst ensuring the appropriate technical standards are met throughout the entire production process. Existing projects can also be re-versioned to meet new standards. We can master and deliver DCP files for Cinema and DPP files for TV Broadcast and are approved DPP suppliers to BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4.

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