Bang can undertake and oversee production of a feature film or TV soundtrack, from conception to delivery. We can offer advice during pre-production, provide practical workflows, and deliver your finished soundtrack in whatever format is required. We offer every sound post production service under one roof from our Cardiff studio, we can also final mix at a London satellite base. Whatever your requirements, Bang can produce a soundtrack beyond your imagination within your budget!

Unintelligible on-screen dialogue will vastly affect the success of a project and how the audience responds.

Bang can prepare on-set sound ready for dubbing. Production sound is the heart of a good soundtrack. Properly smoothed and cleaned-up it provides the bedrock on which your soundtrack’s other elements – sound FX, sound design, music and foley – will sit.

Good dialogue editing can also help reduce the amount of ADR required, by saving material originally thought unusable. This is especially useful when either cast or budgets are difficult to access.

The team at Bang have edited and prepared dialogue tracks for most major production companies in British TV, as well as for UK and US feature films. You can hear examples of their work, almost daily, on UK terrestrial and satellite TV.

From delicate enhancement of a gentle drama to full blown hi-tech battle sequences, Bang can bring your film to life. When correctly used, the most gentle atmosphere, wooden door close, or biggest explosion can transform the emotional impact of a film.

Bang has created successful sound FX tracks for almost every genre of film and TV project including comedy, documentary, drama, action, horror and sci-fi.

With a huge sound FX library, and access to the country’s top freelance editors to assist with larger projects, Bang can produce a sound FX track to enhance your project and ensure its dramatic and emotional impact.

You’ve created a new alien species, or perhaps there’s something a little weird about the house where your story is set. Sound design will bring it to life. Creating a new sonic landscape requires creativity, technology, and most of all sympathetic understanding of what you, as creator, are trying to achieve.

Our team has worked with the creative influences behind some of the modern classics of TV and film, including Sherlock, The Machine and Doctor Who, helping to bring their visions to life.

With a sixteen processor Kyma sound design engine and ProTools systems loaded with almost every plug-in available, Bang has the imagination and skill to give your new creation a unique signature and transport your audience into an amazing sonic experience.

Bang has a purpose-built foley stage and control room, complete with a large selection of surfaces and massive props store making it one of the best available in the UK and beyond.

Foley creativity adds life and colour to your film and allows the wooden floor on-set to become the cold stone of Dracula’s castle. Your film or programme can also be re-voiced far more easily into a foreign language.

We can provide anything from dry hire, to a complete service including charting.

Having our own facility allows Bang to specialise in foley tracks of the highest quality and to prepare the elements of an entire soundtrack in-house allowing the greatest amount of creative freedom and control over the entire process.

You’re shooting a big action sequence with wind machines and shouted on-set directions. Perhaps you’re shooting a delicate period drama, on the last shot of the day and a plane flies overhead. Either way you need ADR to re-record actors’ dialogue lines in sync with your stunning pictures.

We have an award-winning ADR stage complete with digital picture playback, video streamers, premiere microphones, and pre-amps recording directly onto the medium of your choice. We can even run ADR sessions over Source Connect and Skype. Add to this an MPSE award nomination for ADR editing and you’ve the perfect scenario ensuring the best performance from your talent and sync to your picture.

Thanks to Bang, your audience will see your story unfold seamlessly, without any idea that your heroes’ words of undying love were recorded three months after, and 3000 miles away from the visual action on screen.

The final mix is where the Dialogue Editing, Music, Sound Design, Foley & ADR all comes together to bring your production to life. At Bang, we take great pride in ensuring each project gets the attention to detail it deserves. This is your opportunity to shape and sculpt the soundtrack to your film or TV show in a way that best tells the story.

Designed and built by Munro Acoustics, our Dolby Digital Theatre Mixes are guaranteed to translate seamlessly to both Cinema and domestic televisions.

Our second Theatre, designed and built for Dolby Atmos Mixes, is one of very few to be at the forefront of domestic Atmos Mixing for Primetime Drama.

Having worked with many of the most prestigious directors and producers in the country, our award winning Theatres have been the final stage in some of the most popular productions on UK, and international television.

Our cross-genre credits mean we have the experience and expertise to deliver the emotion and style that your production requires.

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