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Technical Specifications

What we need to know

The team

- Names of the team

- Roles

- Email addresses

- Who needs to be looped in on deliveries

- Who handles data transfers

- What is your transfer service (Signiant, Aspera, etc.)

- Please grant us access to your transfer service, and if applicable, detail a file path for which space you would like delivery uploaded to. By default we will create and upload to a folder titled FROM_BANG

File Transfer Service


- How many episodes

- How long is each episode

- Will there be alternate versions (broadcasters)


- When can we expect materials

- What is the delivery date(s)

Turnover Materials


- Embeddedd AAF(s) - 48K, 24 bit. 250 frame handles.

(Single if possible, but split up is also fine. Alternatively, split into DX, FX MX)


- EDLs of all audio tracks (DX, FX, MX) 

- EDL of V1 (cuts only) with clip names. CMX 3600 or File32 format.
- EDL of ADR layer (any ADR captions - just the TC is fine)


- 1 X DNxHD 36 / DNxHD LB QT Split track QuickTime (Ch1 Dial, Ch2 MX + FX)



- 1 x HD H264 Split track QuickTime (Ch1 Dial, Ch2 MX + FX)


Container                      : MOV

Bitrate (s)                       : 36

Frame Size                     : 1920 x 1080

Chroma Subsampling : 4:2:2

Bits                                   : 8


Codec              : PCM

Sample Rate   : 48 kHz

Bit Depth          : 16 or 24 bit


Container                      : MP4 or MOV

Profile                              : 36

Frame Size                     : 1920 x 1080

Frame Rate Mode         : Constant

Chroma Subsampling : 4:2:0

Bits                                   : 8


Codec              : AAC (AAC-LC)

Sample Rate   : 48 kHz

Bit Depth          : 16 or 24 bit


- Separate Mono or Stereo WAVs of Guide DX, MX and FX

- Source Music

Anything else that might be relevant such as a marked up script for dialogue mixers are also be welcome.

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